Data management platform

What is DMP?
A data management platform or DMP is software that extracts, collects, manages, and analyzes data. DMP is the depository for data gathered from different channels and platforms.
One of the DMP functions is to scan cookie IDs and package them into segments in accordance with their location, demographics, and behavior. DMPs divide audience data into clusters and give recommendations on targeting, messaging, and primary channels of communications. In addition, DMP allows you to consolidate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-party data.

There are three main types of data in general:

1st party data – data collected and owned by the company itself. For example, website data, mobile application data, and CRM data.
2nd party data – data collected as a result of corporate cooperation. This includes online campaign data and customer journey data.
3rd party data – data delivered by data providers, which is available on the market for purchase.
There are also three main types of data collected by DMPs:

Observed data – the digital footprint of internet users, i.e. search history or type of web browser used.
Inferred data – conclusions based on a user’s internet behavior.
Declared data – data explicitly provided from users such as online forms or application sign ups.

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